Innovating Vacation Rentals Since 2001

In 2001 Luca started an apartments booking platform, 8 years before Airbnb, and never stopped innovating the industry. He is one of the most respected experts in the field.

  • in the '90s

    Receptionist in Hotels in France, Spain and Germany.

  • 2001

    Created an “Airbnb before Airbnb” lifestyle business.

  • 2009

    Involved 50 entrepreneurs to create local “Airbnb” sites.

  • 2012

    Launched a startup for managing bookings for Property Managers.

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Areas of Expertise

International Sales

Luca is an accomplished international sales executive and speaks fluently 6 languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Polish. Contact us if you need to enter a new market anywhere in the world.

Italian Market

Are you planning to enter the Italian market?

Partner with us: we have a very extensive network of Hosts and Property Managers we can tap in for you.

Listing Creation

We have developed one of the most advanced vacation rentals listing standards in the industry.

Booking Management

Luca has managed large teams of booking representatives, trained them to work on all the portals and created ad-hoc procedures to maximize conversions.


We advise and educate investors and Venture Capital firms who want to get in the vacation rentals industry.

Upcoming Trends

We have a proven record in spotting vacation rental trends very early on: Airbnbn 7 years before Airbnb, listing optimization, remote property management, self check-in and blockchain just to name a few.
If you have an idea for a disrupting model, run it by us.

Blockchain in Travel

One of the top world experts in the intersection between blockchain technology and vacation rentals. Luca has been involved in Bitcoin since 2013, long before it most people and he was literally blown away by the possibility Smart Contracts offered on the Ethereum network in 2012.

He launched Trips Community in 2017 and is now a close partner on vacation rentals of Silicon Valley start-up Origin Protocol.

Public Speaking

Luca is an entertaining speaker and presented at major events such as VRWS in Como, Host in London and many others.

Richard Vaughton, Rentivo & Stay Alfred

I first met Luca on stage at a Vacation Rental conference and was blown away and entertained away by his granularity of operational understanding and insight to the future industry developments.
Having been in the sector for almost 20 years, Luca has seen the avalanche of changes first hand but maintains a forward looking perspective.
Being a manager, outsourcer and mentor also allowed Luca to use these skills to fund his widespread travels.

In a world where geo differences exist this allows for local approach to a global business.

The industry experts, such as Luca look over the horizon and long ago he predicted changes to the power curve of distribution, self check-ins and data management. This keen eye for trends and change
allows businesses to be prepared and avoid income and margins issues. His next bet is: "Apartment usability tests and long stays for Digital Nomads and Smart Workers".

It would also be no surprise that over that over Luca's horizon is a Blockchain opportunity and no-one is better placed to join the rental and Blockchain dots together, often talking at conferences on this very subject.

I and my companies have been following Blockchain closely and been involved to a small degree with some startups.
Blockchain, as Luca says is still a mystery for most, but he swears it will rock the whole industry in the years to come and it could be a massive disruptor to the rental and travel industry in general.

Luca has clearly done it all – but what really makes a difference is his ability to spot trends.
If you are innovating, looking for new ideas in vacation rentals or want to be ready and grab the huge opportunities the new internet will bring, talk to him.

Public Speaking

TTG, Rimini, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

London, UK

VRWS, Como, Italy

Tel Aviv, Israel

Milan, Italy